Timber Frame

What’s old is new again

If timber framing is what you seek, Casa Verde will work with you from beginning to end ensuring your home is stylistically beautiful and structurally sound. We will even incorporate wood harvested from your property to build elements such as shelving, benches or tables – a beautiful way to honour the heritage of the land where your home sits.

Timeless beauty and functionality

Dating back hundreds of years, the art of timber frame construction has experienced a welcome resurgence in recent years. Before the arrival of nails and fasteners in the 19th century, homebuilders used wood joints and hardwood pegs to connect posts and beams together. The beauty and durability of what resulted has endured, and today many people are returning to this building method because it truly stands the test of time. It even features the remarkable ability to provide naturally-regulated temperatures, often meaning people can forego air conditioning.